Lead-Print becomes be.print with a free license

One of the most popular web-to-print solutions now presents itself under a new brand name and with an attractive cloud pricing model. Printers and companies can now enjoy all the benefits of a powerful e-commerce system completely free of license costs. They benefit from a transparent and fair pricing system with a low entry threshold – and all the cost benefits of a modern cloud solution.

In addition, there are further innovations such as the ready-to-use concept packages for a quick start, as well as the new be.print interface, which opens up additional sales opportunities for printers at hundreds of companies. Following the successful test phase, be.print (website: https://www.beprint.app/) is now available via all known channels.

Attractive pricing model makes it easy to get started
With the new brand, be.print is introducing a completely redesigned pricing model that is consistently based on well-known and popular cloud pricing systems. The aim: modern e-commerce that everyone can afford. For users, this means: no license costs, any number of sub-shops as well as all updates and more than 200 modules included free of charge. This applies to all be.print solutions, whether Open Shop or Closed Shop.

With be.print, print shops and companies get a powerful solution with unrivaled functionality. There is only a very low transaction fee and a low monthly operating fee. There is no minimum contract term and the service can be terminated on a monthly basis. Additional services can also be booked at reasonable prices.

The new cloud model offers web-to-print users enormous advantages. No in-house IT is required and there are no costs for server licenses or additional software. Users do not have to worry about maintenance or updates. This saves time and personnel and leads to significant cost savings. At the same time, the simple and transparent pricing model simplifies costing and creates planning security for users and their customers.

New brand for a new era
Lead-Print is followed by be.print! In over 22 years, the team led by Managing Directors André Hausmann and Gopal Nath has built up an enormous amount of trust in the market. Today, the company is one of the European market leaders in the web-to-print sector. At the same time, the markets and the technological and economic requirements of companies and print shops have developed rapidly. Digital solutions in all areas must be simple, easily accessible, quick to implement, flexible and affordable.

It is precisely these requirements that be.print fulfills and now documents the change to the outside world with the new brand name. Under the slogan “The new generation of web-to-print”, be.print brings all the advantages of modern cloud solutions to the web-to-print market, consistently lowering the barriers to entry into contemporary e-commerce.

Milestones of success – an order every 40 seconds
he company can already boast an impressive track record. More than 2,000 order portals and stores, over 300 operators and 110,000 active users speak for themselves. In 2023, be.print users generated sales of €59 million via their stores and portals. An order is processed every 40 seconds, around the clock and with deliveries to 47 countries. More than a third of the products ordered are already personalized.

“We introduced be.print to many of our customers back in the fall and the first users are already working with it. We are seeing a huge amount of interest in the market. The cloud model and the new pricing system in particular have met with a very positive response. Our aim was to offer printers and companies software for demanding tasks that is still easy to access, quick to use and very cost-effective. The feedback so far shows us that we are on the right track!” – André Hausmann, CEO be.print

Modular structure geared to practical needs
Another important new feature of be.print is the consistently modular structure of the solution. The buyer can choose between the so-called concepts. Concepts are practical “all-inclusive” packages tailored to common use cases, which include services such as training, project management and support in addition to the software and the appropriate modules for the desired area of application.
This model facilitates planning and implementation and simplifies project management. Users can get their solution up and running quickly and react flexibly to the market. A simple online store, for example, can be up and running in just a few days, a B2B portal within a week.

Acquiring new customers: networking print shops and dropshipping via in-house API
Users also benefit from networking with other players via the newly developed be.print interface for the automatic exchange of product data. This gives print shops an easy way to acquire new customers and partners and also offer their products on other portals, including dropshipping. Companies can easily access a large number of new suppliers.

Security made in Germany
Even under the new brand, be.print customers can rely on continuity. be.print is and will remain Made in Germany and will continue to be developed and maintained by the leading print specialists in the company’s own development center in Willich. The company’s high security standards are also guaranteed. The software is hosted in Germany and complies with all German data protection requirements.

Get started now with be.print
Interested parties can find all the information about the new brand on the new website https://www.beprint.app/. There you will also find a detailed price overview, customer references, examples of concept packages and much more.
The be.print team offers free presentations of the software solution for Open and Closed Shop. In the Closed Shop, be.print creates free demo portals for interested parties, which are filled with sample products from the relevant customer.

Interested parties can contact be.print via the contact form on the website (https://www.beprint.app/print/kontakt-aufnehmen/) or directly at sales@beprint.app.

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