Initiative Online Print e.V. – Virtual Spring Conference

Essen, 16.02.2021 – For the first time in the history of the Initiative Online Print (IOP), a meeting took place virtually. This year’s spring meeting was all about the “adapted rules of conduct”: at a distance and in the form of a web meeting that is tried and tested on all sides and currently familiar.
Bernd Zipper, Chairman of the IOP, as the chairman of the meeting elected by the general meeting, as usual led the 3-hour meeting with the 40 members present in a sovereign manner.

Bernd Zipper “The web meeting form is of course not as personal and sociable as a real meeting, but it still gives us the opportunity to maintain the so important exchange from a safe distance. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to our autumn meeting in the hope of being able to resume 1:1 face-to-face networking there.”

The virtual spring meeting of the IOP.     
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New member for the IOP

Despite the virtual conference format, the presentation of a new potential member for the IOP was not neglected. As an expert in e-commerce and online marketing, Arndt Eschenlohr, Managing Director of ESCON Consulting, won over the members and was unanimously accepted into the IOP. ESCON Consulting advises e-commerce platforms of all sectors in the area of website usability. The focus is on mobile usability, the area of online and offline marketing, the analysis of PPC and direct marketing channels as well as management training in all e-commerce topics.

“I am very pleased to be able to be part of the IOP from now on and to be actively involved in the topics that we are particularly concerned with at the moment. Hopefully it will be possible to meet all the members personally at the autumn conference,” says Arndt Eschenlohr.

Speaker lecture

In keeping with the current home office situation, Marlene Schreiber and Martin Schirmbacher from Härting Rechtsanwälte gave an in-depth lecture on the topic of “Data protection in the home office”.

The current home office regulation caught many companies unprepared and the topic of data protection in the home office in particular is raising more and more questions. An overview, including a checklist, of what needs to be taken into account when implementing home office concepts and how to prevent potential risks rounded off the presentation by the two IT lawyers.

The IOP meets virtually at regular intervals during the C19 crisis – yet the virtual spring meeting was very exceptional. A face-to-face event is planned again for autumn 2021 so that the personal exchange is not too scarce either.

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